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JJ - Alma Levard by phobialia JJ - Alma Levard by phobialia
For :iconjuicejoint:

AMG! I can't believe this! I got in! I'm so happy!!! :icontearplz:
Feel free to rp with me via note/chatroom or whatever you can think of!! <3

Name: Alma Levard (aka BlackWidow)
Age: 30 (30th July)
Gang: Velvet Trap
Job: Nurse - Actually is her real job but it’s useful for the gang.
Quote: “Take your dirty hands off me”
Weapon: Medical scalpel.

Cold | Harsh | Speaks her mind | Perfectionist | Polite
Due some personal circumstances Alma has developed a harsh and cold personality. She doesn’t speak much but when she does is for tell honestly what she thinks, in the most polite way possible, but she doesn’t give a damn if it hurts you or not. Because of her job she is a perfectionist. Hates errors and things must be done correctly at first.

Mushy | Shy | Noble | Patient
Everyone is two-faced and Alma is not an exception. When she is alone she becomes a mushy woman who will prefer to run away from you to hide her shyness/blush before you see it. She considers that showing her feelings is a sign of weakness.

Despite her cold personality, she tries to be nice with her hospital patients since they need a positive mood to recover better.

Alma was born on New York City back in the day where she lived happily with her parents and her three younger sisters. Her father used to own a small bar where she and her sisters used to sing and dance for their customers. They weren’t the best singers in the city but they weren’t the worst either.

When Alma was 23 some gang members burst into the bar and killed her mother and youngest sister, Helen. Apparently her father borrowed money from the wrong people, he couldn’t give it back and that was the payback. Left alone with her father and sisters, Alma finished her nursing studies and started to work in the main hospital to earn some money. Meanwhile her father started to get involved with mafia gangs trying to get revenge for his wife and daughter death.

A couple of years later her two sisters, Margaret and Dorothy, were killed. Apparently the death of her two sisters was a warning for her father to stop sticking his nose where he shouldn’t. At the funeral, Alma met a man who claimed to be her sisters’ friend. They started to get along really well and when she was 26 he proposed and they got married a year later.

Alma thought that she could finally be happy with her husband and her father but she was mistaken.

While her father was doing some field research on gangs, he found out that her daughter husband was a pawn in the gang who killed their family. He rushed to tell his daughter but got shot. Unable to save his daughter himself, he begged Alma to cut all the bonds with her husband. Blinded with anger she took his father gun and killed her husband without blinking. Maybe he wasn’t the one who killed her family but he was one of them.

That was the first and last time she grabbed a gun.

With her father handicapped at the hospital where she works, she took his mission to gather information and that’s why she joined Velvet Trap. She goes to the club when requited but tries to avoid as much as possible.

• Taking care of her father.
• Fur scarves.
• Smoking.
• Black coffee

• Music (any kind).
• Dirty places.
• Rude people.
• Tattoos.
• Indecency/Debauchery.

Additional info:
• Her gang crest is carved on her scalpel.
• When she is angry or displeased she stares at her nails.
• She never takes of her wedding ring.
• 170cm (5’6’’)/ 60Kg (154,32Ibs).
• Always dresses in black.
• She really loved her husband.
• Alma has been a widow for already one year.
• She never knew her husband gang name and that’s why she continues investigating.

Fur brush: [link]

I sprained my right hand yesterday afternoon and this looks a little messed up... When my hand recovers I will correct the drawing and the info. Also, I fail at English. Corrections are more than appreciated :heart:
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joutarou Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
Himi q coño q estuviste en juce joint?!!?!? Estuvimos en la misma gang lloro
phobialia Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
YES BRO! Pero como Alma es una petarda casi nadie se dió cuenta de que estaba haha
joutarou Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
Por alguna razón recuerdo su arma
Yo tenía una negra tetuda putona aka nada nuevo
phobialia Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Professional Interface Designer
Haha su arma era un scapel de médico. Te raja cacho xD

Sssh, seguro que era hot mamacita B)
Cris-Art Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
esta bonita la mujer. te da muy bien a las chicas. (te envidio! XD)

Un consejo... ojala para la proxima vez, tenga cuidado de pintar el mismo color en el fondo, con alguna cosa de la ropa. Por ejemplo la bufanda de piel se une con el letrero del teatro. es dificil ver separado.

una sugerencia, prueba poner una linea de luz en el entorno del silueta de la mujer, como que el fondo hay luz, una sombra en el suelo.

ànimo! *3*
phobialia Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Aii gracias Cris!

Shush, tu dibujas chicas muy bonitas también! Yo te envidio por lo bien que dibujas hombres!!

Sii, me di cuenta de lo del fondo y la bufanda. El problema es que al ser para un roleplay, el fondo nos lo daban hecho. Nosotros solo rellenábamos los espacios y poníamos nuestro personaje.

Probaré lo que me sugeriste, gracias bonita :iconchuplz:
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